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Speech-Language Services in Edison/Metuchen, New Jersey

Receive the most professional speech-language services from our team at Sperling Speech Associates LLC in Edison/Metuchen, New Jersey. We have a passion for taking care of your entire family.

Areas of Expertise

Our private practice provides individual sessions where parental involvement is encouraged and nurtured in order to provide the most efficient and effective plan of treatment for the child. Some of the areas of intervention that we provide include: 

• Oral-Motor
• Phonology
• Apraxia
• Stuttering
• Social Skills
• Voice              
• Head Trauma
• Speech & Articulation
• Feeding & Swallowing
• Expressive Language
• The Listening Program  

• Myofunctional “Tongue Thrust”
• Accent Reduction & Corporate Speech
• Language Comprehension & Auditory Processing
• Pre-Language Skills (Children on Autism Spectrum)
• Executive Function & Cognitive Tx (Higher Level Language)

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